Noisy Garage Door? What Causes It?

You’re in the garage one day and suddenly, your garage door makes a funny sound. As time passes, there’s another creak and maybe a bang. You’re not too worried, as long as it operates normally. However, you know that eventually the racket is the result of some sort of problem that needs to be fixed. You know that you might be on your way to work one morning and your car could be stuck in the garage if you don’t get it taken care of.
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So many types of driveway surfaces… which one to choose?

The surface of your driveway says a great deal about how much you care for the appearance of your home, and it can impact your curb appeal as well. With so many different materials available on the market today, it is important to weigh the pros and cons to determine the best possible look to your own driveway, and one that fits within your budget.
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The Top 7 Reasons to Update Your Garage Door

The garage door is a trusted and reliable part of our home…until it isn’t. After all, garage doors do malfunction, fail and ultimately need to be replaced. They can age and degrade and make our homes look pretty bad where curb appeal is concerned. Because of that, we are going to look at the top 7 reasons to consider updating or replacing your garage door.
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Starting a garden in your garage

During the winter, your car has to be kept inside your garage. Once the snow stops flying, however, you can move your auto out into the driveway and use your garage for other purposes. While a ping pong table or workshop might seem like the obvious choice, your garage can also house a springtime garden.
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WOW – that’s one strong garage door!

Have you ever really thought about how much you put your garage door through? We have, and we’ve evaluated some of the performance challenges you’ve probably never even thought of! We’re pretty sure you’ll see your garage door in a new light after reading this blog, and you’ll also understand why investing in quality and having your door installed by professionals counts





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Should You Consider Insulating Your Garage?

On the fence about insulating and heating your garage? Is it worth it? Are there zoning laws that require you to do it? While your area might require that any walls shared between an attached garage and the home itself have a common R-value, there’s no law that says the entire garage needs to be insulated. What’s more, if yours is a detached garage, then there are no rules requiring any insulation anywhere.
So, if there aren’t any laws that force you to do so, why should you worry about it? Actually, it’s all about making your home that much more comfortable. For instance, chances are good that you use your garage for a few things during the year – DIY projects and the like. Chances are also good that all of those projects go on hold during the late fall and winter.
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What should you choose; two single doors or a double garage door?

You’re planning your new home but the developers have different ideas – one thinks you should install two single garage doors, and the other thinks a wide double door will look better – how do you choose which is the best fit for you?
Here are some pointers that should help you choose the best type of door for your needs and the style of your home.
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