Storing hockey gear in the garage

Being a hockey family means hockey equipment is everywhere in your home. Odds are, you don’t have a professional-grade locker room in your house, so you’re probably struggling with where and how to store everything your players need. If you have a garage, however, you may be able to solve your hockey gear storage needs. Here are some tips you can use to keep your family’s hockey gear clean and safe in your garage.
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Painting the Garage Door

Do you look at your garage door and wish that it were a different color? Maybe the paint has started to crack with age, or perhaps the color has started to wear away. Even if it was only painted recently, you might still feel that it is time to change up the color and to improve the style. No matter the reason, you can change the look of your door and give your garage and home a new look. It’s easier than you might think.

Over the course of this post, we will be covering metal doors, including insulated and non-insulated options. If you have a wooden door, whether it has stain or paint on it, you will want to talk with a company that sells paint in your area to learn what you need and how to do a great job with it.
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Starting a garden in your garage

During the winter, your car has to be kept inside your garage. Once the snow stops flying, however, you can move your auto out into the driveway and use your garage for other purposes. While a ping pong table or workshop might seem like the obvious choice, your garage can also house a springtime garden.
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How to Transform Your Garage into a Playroom for Your Little Ones


Have a garage but aren’t using it except to store junk? Or maybe you have more than one garage and don’t actually need the second one to store your vehicles. Whatever the case, you can transform that unused, junk-filled space into something much more useful, such as a safe playroom for your little ones. It’s actually a lot simpler than you might think. We’ve compiled a list of important tips for you to follow.
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Get Your Garage Under Control in 5 Simple Steps

Take back your garage from clutter!

Is your garage full of old junk that you never use anymore? Are you always tripping over boxes and random stuff that never seems to find a home? Is the mess so bad that you can’t even park your car in the garage anymore?
If you’re thinking of those cold winter mornings and nights when you’ll want to pull your car inside instead of running back and forth in the driveway, you’re probably wondering how you can get this mess under control and get your space back. We have a few tips to help!
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5 Ways to Reclaim Your Garage

If your garage is cluttered and you’re finding it difficult to close the garage door due to overcrowding, it may be time to give the garage a makeover. There comes a time when even after multiple yard sales, the garage is crowded and it becomes overwhelming.

The good news is you can reclaim your garage and turn it back into a livable and usable space.
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