The Importance of Garage Door Safety for Kids

If you home is like millions of others, your garage door may be one (if not the) primary point of entry into the home itself. Whether it is kids on foot or adults in cars, the garage door is important, it is why we have to give so much attention to garage door safety. In this review, we are going to look at the best ways to teach kids about garage door safety, and maybe even a little bit yourself along the way!
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Is Your Garage Dangerous for Your Vehicle?

If you are like many, the garage is used to park your vehicle and is also used to store seasonal items that you don’t need on a regular basis. This may mean there isn’t a lot of space available to park your car when the temperatures start dropping and it gets cold outside. You may wonder how you can keep all your belongings cared for, while also protecting your major investment, the vehicle. We have some tips that will help you protect your vehicle from mishaps that may be lurking.
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Avoiding Garage Door Repair Scams

The garage door to your home is extremely important, both from a practical and safety point of view. Many people today even use it as the main way of gaining entry into their home, so keeping it functioning properly is of primary concern. Because this is so important, you need to be careful about who you trust to come and repair the door when it malfunctions in any way. Ask relatives or friends for a specialist that they trust. Word of mouth is always better than inviting some stranger into your home.
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Ways a Messy Garage Can be Dangerous

5 Ways a Messy Garage Can be Dangerous

Dangerous Clutter

As a homeowner you may use your garage as an quick and easy place to dump random items that you don’t have another place for. The rest of your home may be pristine, with the garage acting as the only zone of chaos among your well-organized abode. However, just because your garage is out of sight, it doesn’t mean that the danger of all the clutter doesn’t exist. These are some of the ways that a messy garage can be dangerous for you and your family.
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