WOW – that’s one strong garage door!

Have you ever really thought about how much you put your garage door through? We have, and we’ve evaluated some of the performance challenges you’ve probably never even thought of! We’re pretty sure you’ll see your garage door in a new light after reading this blog, and you’ll also understand why investing in quality and having your door installed by professionals counts





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Should You Consider Insulating Your Garage?

On the fence about insulating and heating your garage? Is it worth it? Are there zoning laws that require you to do it? While your area might require that any walls shared between an attached garage and the home itself have a common R-value, there’s no law that says the entire garage needs to be insulated. What’s more, if yours is a detached garage, then there are no rules requiring any insulation anywhere.
So, if there aren’t any laws that force you to do so, why should you worry about it? Actually, it’s all about making your home that much more comfortable. For instance, chances are good that you use your garage for a few things during the year – DIY projects and the like. Chances are also good that all of those projects go on hold during the late fall and winter.
Insulating your garage and adding a heat source can help keep the area warm no matter what the weather outside might be doing. Of course, there are plenty of other great reasons to consider insulating your garage. Here are just six of them. Read More

What should you choose; two single doors or a double garage door?

You’re planning your new home but the developers have different ideas – one thinks you should install two single garage doors, and the other thinks a wide double door will look better – how do you choose which is the best fit for you?
Here are some pointers that should help you choose the best type of door for your needs and the style of your home.
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Things to Remember When Choosing a New Garage Door Opener

garage door opener
You have finally made the decision to get a new garage door opener because the one you have currently just isn’t meeting your needs. Maybe it isn’t working at all. However, you might still be at a loss when it comes to understanding exactly what it is you should be looking for with your garage door opener. It’s time to get a better look at some of the things you will need to consider.
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How to Transform Your Garage into a Playroom for Your Little Ones


Have a garage but aren’t using it except to store junk? Or maybe you have more than one garage and don’t actually need the second one to store your vehicles. Whatever the case, you can transform that unused, junk-filled space into something much more useful, such as a safe playroom for your little ones. It’s actually a lot simpler than you might think. We’ve compiled a list of important tips for you to follow.
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Get Your Garage Under Control in 5 Simple Steps

Take back your garage from clutter!

Is your garage full of old junk that you never use anymore? Are you always tripping over boxes and random stuff that never seems to find a home? Is the mess so bad that you can’t even park your car in the garage anymore?
If you’re thinking of those cold winter mornings and nights when you’ll want to pull your car inside instead of running back and forth in the driveway, you’re probably wondering how you can get this mess under control and get your space back. We have a few tips to help!
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Make A DIY Garage Gym With Household Items

The stats don’t lie: according to research, around 67% of all people who purchase a gym membership never actually go to the gym.

This results in an average of $39 wasted per $58 of gym dues paid – a significant chunk of the industry’s revenue. You don’t have to become just another workout statistic. Using items that you might simply have lying around the garage, you can turn your carport into a versatile workout space that you’re much more likely to use.
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How to Keep Fumes from Your Garage Out of Your Home

How-to-Keep-FumesYou don’t want your garage to make you sick. Clearly.

But if some of the fumes from your toxic cleaners, paints or fuels are seeping into your home, you have got a serious air quality issue on your hands.

You can open your garage door to help air out of the space. But you can’t open the front of your house. So what can you do?
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