Make A DIY Garage Gym With Household Items

The stats don’t lie: according to research, around 67% of all people who purchase a gym membership never actually go to the gym.

This results in an average of $39 wasted per $58 of gym dues paid – a significant chunk of the industry’s revenue. You don’t have to become just another workout statistic. Using items that you might simply have lying around the garage, you can turn your carport into a versatile workout space that you’re much more likely to use.
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How to Keep Fumes from Your Garage Out of Your Home

How-to-Keep-FumesYou don’t want your garage to make you sick. Clearly.

But if some of the fumes from your toxic cleaners, paints or fuels are seeping into your home, you have got a serious air quality issue on your hands.

You can open your garage door to help air out of the space. But you can’t open the front of your house. So what can you do?
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Keep Your Garage Clean with these Vacuum Systems

Keep Your Garage Clean with these Vacuum Systems!Cleaning your garage isn’t any fun. But the chore shouldn’t be made any harder with the wrong vacuum cleaner. The right vacuum system helps you clean up after each project, or even as you go. But with so many options out there, how do you choose the perfect vacuum system for your garage?
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Peace and Quiet vs. Your Child’s Garage Band

This scenario might sound familiar: your child is a budding musician. He or she is in a band. The band plays its music at a volume that would wake the dead. And its members practice in your garage, of course. What can you and the rest of your family do to stay sane but not discourage your wannabe rock star?

Soundproofing the garage is an excellent compromise. It allows you and your family some peace and quiet while it enables your kid and his or her band to play as loudly as it likes.
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Ways a Messy Garage Can be Dangerous

5 Ways a Messy Garage Can be Dangerous

Dangerous Clutter

As a homeowner you may use your garage as an quick and easy place to dump random items that you don’t have another place for. The rest of your home may be pristine, with the garage acting as the only zone of chaos among your well-organized abode. However, just because your garage is out of sight, it doesn’t mean that the danger of all the clutter doesn’t exist. These are some of the ways that a messy garage can be dangerous for you and your family.
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How to Choose the Best Garage Door Before The Winter


Preparing Your Garage For Winter

A variety of tasks await homeowner as the seasons change from fall to winter. Winterizing your home usually involves checking windows, doors and other spaces that may allow heat to escape. The more warmth that escapes the home, the greater the energy bill you pay throughout the season. One of the prime candidates for heat loss are old or flimsy garage doors that allow heat to escape, drawing warmth from the rest of the household, forcing your HVAC system to work harder to maintain the level of comfort you desire. Consider the following factors when you’re in the process of choosing the best garage door before the coldest season arrives.
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5 Ways to Reclaim Your Garage

If your garage is cluttered and you’re finding it difficult to close the garage door due to overcrowding, it may be time to give the garage a makeover. There comes a time when even after multiple yard sales, the garage is crowded and it becomes overwhelming.

The good news is you can reclaim your garage and turn it back into a livable and usable space.
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