Cabinets & Tool Boxes That You Need to Have in Your Garage

If you own a home or business and use your garage as a storage space for your tools, you likely find it difficult to operate in an efficient manner. Garages usually have a decent amount of room but they don’t have distinct storage spaces for all of your tools.

You likely hang tools up and place them in piles on workbenches and other surfaces.

Doing so is quite messy and it can cause plenty of problems like not being able to find the right tool in a timely manner.
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The Welder’s Dream Garage

Welder's dream
If you are a DIY or semi-professional home welder, you likely understand the importance of a spacious and well-equipped workspace. Yet the way that you set up your garage will go a long way in determining how safe and functional it can be. Let’s take a look at the top considerations.

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Inspirational Ideas for the Ultimate Garage Makeover Project

Your home garage doesn’t have to be a dark, simply functional space in which to store home products. It can be a room in which you’re at your most productive. It can also be a space that adds significant value to the property.

In this article, we’ll focus on the benefits of garage renovation while providing tips and design ideas to match your long-term objectives
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Are Glass Garage Doors Safe?

Glass Garage Doors
We’re seeing more and more new homes with a modern, contemporary architectural style. Along with this style of home, we’ve seen the emergence of all-glass garage doors of the type frequently employed in bar-restaurants. We’re also seeing an increasing number of architects and designers looking to maximize the openings for windows and patio doors to let as much daylight as possible from the outdoor spaces into the living room or kitchen.
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Remodeling Tips for the Ultimate Sports Garage

Are you thinking about transforming your normal, uninspiring garage into a sports-fan haven? Many have accomplished the task before you, with great success. The process works with virtually any sport… from NASCAR to football to fishing and everything in between.

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Wood vs. Steel – Comparing Garage Door Materials

Wood or steel? Steel or wood? It isn’t always easy to choose… We know the various types of garage door models on the market because, at Door Systems Inc., we’ve been selling, installing and repairing garage doors for many years.

To help you make an informed choice, here’s an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of the two different types of material.
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