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    Wayne-Dalton is the largest manufacturer of garage doors in the United States. Wayne-Dalton's strength lies in its diverse product mix, ranging from a full line of non-insulated and insulated steel doors to a wide range of wood products. Garage door safety is paramount in their manufacturing process. Please visit their two websites for more product and safety information.

    Wayne-Dalton Garage Door

    Wayne-Dalton Innovative Design and the Finest Materials

    1. Patented, foamed-in-place polyurethane core. The core provides an insulation "R"-value of 12, more than twice as much as common polystyrene insulation board the same thickness. It's chemically bonded to each steel section, creating a composite structure with higher strength, greater rigidity, improved dent-resistance and better thermal protection.

    2. Sound-absorbing insulation makes a Thermowayne II™ door quieter in operation, and eliminates wind-rattling. The polyurethane foam is CFC-11-free, so it's environmentally friendly.

    3. Integral foam-filled horizontal struts at top and bottom of door sections add rigidity for long life and smooth operation - extra strength without extra weight.

    4. Embossed steel front panels give Thermowayne II™ doors the look of genuine wood, and the strength of steel. Choose from colonial raised panel (shown) or flush design.

    5. Inside or outside, corrosion protection comes from layering.The layering includes zinc/steel plating, hot-dipped galvanizing, primer coatings, exterior/interior finish coatings, and more. Layering gives Thermowayne II™ doors their lasting good looks while minimizing maintenance.

    6. Textured steel back keeps Thermowayne II™ doors looking good from the inside, too. Inner surface simply wipes clean, just like a range or refrigerator. It's finish-painted the same color as the front of the door.

    7. Hot-dipped galvanized vertical supports add strength and durability. They're painted to match the door color.

    8. Heavy-gauge steel wraparound end caps finish door edges for better appearance, and protect the foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation from damage. End caps are painted the same color as the door.

    9. Protective polymer caps add a finishing touch to the reinforcing struts.

    10. Two-coat, baked-on polyester finish makes these doors virtually maintenance-free. This finish also makes an excellent base if you repaint to match the exterior colors already beautifying your home.

    11. High-tensile steel, extra-deep embossing and rigid polyurethane foam provide amazing dent-resistance.

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