Carriage house garage doors​


Carriage house style

The owners of a charming country style house are looking for a garage door that suits it perfectly. The garage door can look like a barn door, replicate a stylish carriage house or resemble a more rustic wood version - there are numerous combinations available.​

Choose from among our great many attractive colors, select your custom size for the door, and even add windows and decorative hardware to obtain just the appearance you want.

Overlay doors

The Princeton, Eastman and Cambridge are the overlay garage door models from the Townships Collection. They are made with decorative PVC overlays in various carriage house designs: X‑shaped, V‑shaped and inversed V. They come in a choice of 9 colors for the door’s base color and 5 colors for the decorative overlays.​

These doors are crafted using Garaga’s highest standards of quality and are made to last. As well as blending charm and elegance, with their construction they provide a very high thermal resistance value of R‑16.

Inlay doors

Add a touch of refinement to your home with the Village Collection carriage house style. Its layouts are the X‑shaped, V‑shaped and inversed V (called A layout). The inlays and the skin are both made with the same steel for a perfect match. They are available in 9 different choices of colors.

The Village Collection construction is available in 3 options: triple‑layer (steel + polystyrene + steel), double‑layer (steel + polystyrene) or single‑layer (steel).