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At Door Systems Metro Boston, we are committed to providing our customers with exceptional service and the best products on the market. We have many years of experience in the industry, our team is highly qualified, and we know everything about garage door repair, sales and installation as well as garage door openers. This why we not only sell the garage doors manufactured by Garaga but also consider the training of our technicians as a matter of utmost importance. You can trust us for all your garage doors needs. With us, any problem will be quickly solved. Your door will work perfectly and safely.

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Do you have a garage door problem? We can help you out at Door Systems Metro Boston!

Does your garage door do one of those things?

  • Does not open?
  • Lifts with difficulty
  • Does not reverse direction mechanically?
  • Stops before touching the floor?
  • Closes improperly, or not shut tightly on the threshold

Or does your garage door opener do one of those things?

  • Not work at all?
  • Activate, or turn off by itself?
  • Make unusual and disturbing sounds?

For any of these problems, contact us at Door Systems Metro Boston. Several factors may explain these problems: a broken part, misalignment of components, etc.

Here is a short list of what we can take care of:

Whatever your need, Door Systems Metro Boston will ensure that everything will be repaired, adjusted or replaced with precision and in a timely manner.

Why choose Door Systems Metro Boston for garage door repair?

  • We provide emergency garage door services 24/7.
  • Our technicians and installers are highly qualified and accredited.
  • As experts certified by Garaga, our service is characterized by a high level of professionalism.
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  • We offer the best advice because we know our products inside and out.
  • We are courteous, prompt, and reliable.
  • We have excellent reviews that you can consult on Angi or on Best Pick Reports.
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  • We are a member of the IDA - International Door Association and of the Professional Door Association of New England.
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  • We are a United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Lead‑Safe Certified Firm.
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  • We are a BBB Accredited Business and an IDEA Accredited Door Dealer.
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  • We cover the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.
  • We provide the following services:

    Residential Service and Preventative Maintenance

    Commercial & Industrial 24 Hour Emergency Service

    Door Service Surveys and Service Contracts

    Architectural Services

    Following Divisions

    Fire Doors

    Commercial Sectional Doors

    Commercial Rolling Doors

    Gate Operators, Automated and Access Systems

    Residential Door Systems

    Company Accreditation

  • You can make an appointment online.
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    • Brooklin, Danielson, Killingly, Moosup, Putnam, Windham, Woodstock


  • We provide garage door repair service for any brands and replace parts and accessories:

    Garage Door Brands


    Banner Door




    General Door

    Haas Door


    Overhead door



    Standor Door


    Wayne Dalton

    Garage Door Opener Brands









  • And finally, we love what we do!

What you should know about the spring and lifting cable systems

Springs (counterweight system) may lose strength and break due to normal wear caused by stress and the weight of the garage door. As the springs play an important role in opening and closing the garage door, they must be serviced or repaired frequently. For example, to extend the life of the springs (torsion‑type only), you could spread engine oil on them and wipe off the excess. However, it is dangerous to adjust the extension-type springs by yourself, because they are under high tension. This is why they need to be supported by a security cable. If your garage door was not provided with one, we strongly recommend having one installed by our experienced technicians. You should remember that if your garage door is equipped with extension or torsion springs, both systems must be regularly inspected and serviced in order to ensure maximum reliability.

For your peace of mind, take advantage of the preventive maintenance program provided by our professionals at Door Systems Metro Boston We will test all safety devices, we will replace only the parts requiring replacement, and your garage door system will function perfectly! We are available to answer all your questions, so do not hesitate to contact us (Tel.: 508‑875‑3508 or 1‑800‑545‑DOOR) for your garage door installation, repair and maintenance needs.

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