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Wayne‑Dalton sells the most comprehensive line of commercial doors in our industry. They make all types of wood doors, both standard and custom. Wayne‑Dalton has flush and ribbed 16, 20 and 24 gauge insulated and non‑insulated steel doors and they have three models of foamed‑in‑place polyurethane steel doors with various "R" values, all with their patented "built‑in‑struts" for added strength and rigidity. They also sell glass service station doors and even commercial doors with raised panels. We invite you to visit their website for a more detailed review of their commercial line of sectional overhead doors.

Wayne‑Dalton 24, 20 and 16‑gauge Insulated and Non‑Insulated Steel Doors

24‑gauge ribbed steel door

Wayne-Dalton - 24-Gauge Ribbed Steel Door

Model 224

The 24‑gauge steel door has all the features listed below, including contour‑fitting stiles. Two deep and four shallow ribs in each section make the 24‑gauge door ideal for moderate‑duty use, providing both economy and quality. Available in sizes up to 24' wide, 432 sq. ft.

20‑gauge steel door

Wayne-Dalton - 20-gauge steel door

Model 220 & 220F

Model 220 features two deep rib construction in each section to provide high impact resistance and strength. Model 220F features a flush exterior surface. Models 220 & 220F are available in sizes up to 24' wide, 432 sq. ft.

16‑gauge flush steel door

Wayne-Dalton - 16-gauge flush steel door

Model 216

The 16‑gauge door is the heaviest, most secure overhead door made. The hot-dipped galvanized pre-painted steel is roll-formed into flush sections designed to withstand severe weather, brutal use and exposure to security hazards. Available in sizes up to 24' wide, 432 sq. ft.

Patented door construction design

Wayne-Dalton - Patented Door Construction Design
  1. Thermal Break separates inner & outer skins at top and bottom so no heat or cold is conducted through the section.
  2. Flush door embossed pinstriping (grooves) on outer skin adds strength and non-repeating random stucco exterior enhances appearance. Also available with embossed woodgrain raised panel exterior (limited sizes).
  3. Prepainted inner and outer skins for added corrosion‑resistance.

    NOTE: Both skins are also hot‑dipped galvanized steel for further protection against corrosion.

  4. Two 1‑3/4" roll‑formed struts per section add rigidity and strength.
  5. 18‑gauge "wrap‑around" end caps offer interior hinge attachment surface and exterior leg for proper seal against jamb.
  6. Solid polyurethane core adds to insulating efficiency.
  7. Joint seal prevents air infiltration and saves energy.

Optional insulation packages

Insulated steel doors produce a good return on investment for those concerned with economy, energy and security. Insulation packages for conventional steel doors are described below.

Wayne-Dalton - Optional Insulation Packages
  1. Polystyrene or urethane insulation
  2. End stile
  3. 1‑1/4" channel shaped clips secure back up sheet to muntins and end stiles
  4. All stiles filled with insulation
  5. Embossed or smooth pre‑painted steel backup sheet.

Track styles

Wayne-Dalton - Track Styles

Wayne‑Dalton is the first garage door manufacturer to have products certified under new UBC 1713.4 acceptance criteria. ICBO‑ES Report No. 5060 and CABO Report No. NER‑488. Only certified products such as Wayne‑Dalton's Thermospantm 150 have earned the right to display this logo.

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