December 29, 2017

Why Cover the Garage Door Frame in Aluminum? Here are 4 Great Reasons to Do So

Use aluminum to cover garage door frame

Perhaps you've been thinking about updating the garage door, and even speaking with friends, co‑workers and neighbours about it when one of them asks "Are you going to have the door frame covered in aluminum, too?" You may not have even known this was an option, or thought that you were stuck scraping, painting and maintaining it year after year. The good news is that you can cover the exterior garage door frame in aluminum. Professionals call it applying aluminum capping and/or cladding it, and recommend it for both esthetics and easier upkeep.

There are many colors from which to choose, including matching it to the home's existing trim or with the door itself, and when you elect this option, you cut out most of your future upkeep and repair.

The Kind of Aluminum Used

You probably know that aluminum is formed into many styles, and the type used for garage door frames is the same as you see sold in rolls, and which is very commonly used by firms making gutters or other aluminum exterior building components. They use special machines to bend and shape the metal into the dimensions required for your garage door frame (which means both the lintel and the jambs). These are usually constructed with 2 x 8s or 2 x 10s, and your provider will size the aluminum to fit.

Could it be a DIY sort of project? The simple answer is yes, and you could purchase sheet aluminum, take it to a firm that has the forming machines, and have them bend the raw materials to fit your door frame's dimension. You can then install it. However, why tackle so many difficult steps when experts are there to do the entire thing easily and affordably?

Is that the only advantage of professionally installed aluminum cladding? No, there are many others. Let's consider the most significant:

It Is an Almost Maintenance‑Free Product!

This ranks as the top benefit. The material does not fade or rust, it asks for almost no upkeep, and can last for decades. The aluminum is coated with a baked‑on finish and protective layers. It is weather resistant and though it might gather outdoor dust and grime, just a rinse with soapy water gets it back to new and sparkling.

It Prolongs the Life of the Wood Frame

We all know that most raw lumber begins to degrade and decay quickly if exposed to year round, outdoor conditions. Covering it in durable and impervious aluminum ensures the door's frame enjoys many decades of life. No more painting and re‑paining, or even replacing regularly, because the wood is permanently shielded from outdoor conditions.

It Seals Much Better

Wood against brick or other materials is not an impervious seal. Yet the aluminum cladding does seal better to most exterior materials such as PVC or brick. You can cover the joint between them with weatherstripping and sealant, and it remains much more flexible in all weather.

It Looks Better

Did you know that the garage door can comprise up to 40% of the front of the house? That means it is one of the most significant things people see when they arrive at your home. If the frame is peeling and flaking, it can make an unfavorable impression. Even more importantly, if you are aiming to sell the home, it can look as if you neglected even simple maintenance, decreasing the sale price and discouraging many buyers.

Are You Ready to Take the Next Step?

If, after reading this, you have some questions, just contact us at 508-875-3508. We can send an online quotation or give you further advice. If you are also thinking about changing out the garage door, too, take some time to use our Design Centre or view the image gallery for ideas.

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