April 28, 2017

Enjoy a hassle free garage door purchase by securing the help of an expert

Help of an expert

Are you planning to buy new garage door sometime in the near future? If so, you’ll want to make sure you make the most of this major investment.

To do this, make sure you secure the service of an experienced garage door specialist. This way, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that the door you buy will meet your needs and fall well within your budget.

Why Hire a Garage Door Expert?

A garage door expert refers to an individual that has valuable experience in choosing the right garage door for your needs, including the parameters of your budget. They should also provide you with fantastic service long after the sale is complete. Companies can qualify as garage door experts, too.

The long‑term durability and overall performance of a garage door depends on the quality of the product and its installation.

What Does It Take to Be an Expert?

It’s vital that you make the right hiring decision when looking for a garage door professional. While there’s no objective way to judge an expert, experience is an important metric. This is the only way to learn many of the important ins and outs that go with installing garage doors.

Dedication is another key characteristic. You want someone who will walk you through the entire process and patiently answer any questions you have.

Speaking of which, an expert is definitely someone who has all the answers you’re looking for. When you want specific information, they shouldn’t hesitate to provide it. They should be able to tell you about all the different kinds of garage doors out there in detail.

The Size and Importance of Your Home’s Garage Door Cannot Be Overlooked

Garage doors are the largest moving parts of houses. Furthermore, they are made up of numerous parts, including everything from simple screws to large tracks. This means that installation is a very technical process. However, if you hire a true professional, the entire process should only take a few hours.

When the work is complete, the installer will go through and check the weather tightness of the installation and the balance of the door. This is yet another time when their experience will be invaluable.

The 3 Most Important Traits of a Garage Door Expert

  • Level of Experience
    • How many years have they been installing garage doors for?
    • How long has the owner been in business?
    • Can they provide you with the names of satisfied customers nearby who can vouch for their abilities?
    • Do they have letters of recommendation from such customers?
    • Can they show you photos of their completed projects?
  • After‑Sales Service and the Type of Warranty They Offer
    • Without even asking, an expert installer will happily provide you with the details about their warranty and cover the details about their installation process
    • A warranty should be good for at least a minimum of two years
  • Professional Association Membership
    • Confirm that the installer belongs to a professional association. These groups demand certain quality standards and have a code of ethics
    • These groups also offer training sessions to ensure their members are up on the latest best practices.
    • Garaga’s members are part of a large network of sales, installation and garage door repair experts. Members must follow a strict and specific code of ethics.

Remember this…

By far, the most important takeaway from this post is that the performance and longevity of your garage door depends on the expertise of the person you hire to install it.

Please feel free to contact us today at 508-875-3508 with any questions you may have about the above information. We’d be happy to guide you through the installation process, make a service call or even provide you with an online quotation for your home’s new garage door.

Finally, if you are planning to purchase a new garage door sometime soon, our Design Centre is available. You can use it to create whichever type of garage door you have in mind. To really show you how it would look in real life, you can upload a photo of your home and superimpose a Garaga garage door’s image over it. This will give you a much better idea of whether or not your garage door would be a good stylistic match.

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