January 22, 2016

Essential Winter Weather Gear You Need in Your Garage

Winter weather

Yes, winter has arrived. Are you prepared? There are a number of things that are absolutely essential for the winter weather. Read on to learn about the gear you'll need to survive and thrive during the coldest season on the calendar.

Snow Removal Gear:

A well‑stocked garage should have a snow blower, shovel, salt or sand, and a heater. All of these things will help you get rid of that white stuff that falls from the sky in the winter so it won't cause problems. Don't think you've got room? Consider hanging the shovel(s) from a wall‑mounted rack to keep them out of the way until you need them.

Wire baskets will keep salt or sand off of the floor. Storing these important slip‑preventing materials in a basket also protects them from dampness, especially when you drive in from rainy or snowy weather.

Must‑Haves for Your Car:

Don't get caught without jumper cables, a windshield scraper and snow brush (you can buy a snow brush with a scraper attached), antifreeze, winter washer fluid, extra hats, gloves and blankets and a spare cell phone charger. You'll never know when you might need a jump (or need to give one).

A sturdy brush and scraper will come in handy when you need to clean the snow off your car, and the antifreeze and winter washer fluid help your car run in the coldest of temperatures. Remember the part about giving or getting a jump? Blankets, gloves and hats will keep you warm even when it's freezing. Having an extra cell phone charger will also come in handy if you're waiting for a long time for help and your phone's battery is dying.

Toys to Make it a Winter Wonderland:

To many people, snow is a nuisance. It makes it difficult to go anywhere by car. However, it doesn't have to be irritating. Snow can actually be fun. And there are a number of items that will help you enjoy it. Sleds, snowboards, toboggans and skis turn that annoying, wet, cold form of precipitation into a great way to be outside in the winter.

Storage for Your Winter Toys:

If you've already got the sleds, toboggans, snowboards and skis, you'll need a way to store them and keep them out of your way until you need them. Consider investing in racks to hang from the walls that will protect your gear.

While you’re filling your garage with winter tools and toys, it might be time for a new garage door. Fill out our form today for a free quote.

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