June 12, 2020

From garage to game room - Making the most of your space

Now that the kids are getting older, you might be looking to get the game room out of the basement so that you have more living space. After all, a game room is great, but extra bedrooms and bathrooms are functional and add value to your home. One idea is to rearrange and renovate your garage so that you can still have a game room without giving up the extra living space.

If you're considering this, read on for helpful tips. These ideas on how to set your garage up as a functional and fun game room will help you get started on your own project.

Game Room

Embrace the versatility of the garage

Historically, the garage was long‑forgotten as a usable space, and some people still have a garage sitting empty or nearly empty, just waiting to be put to good use. Most people don't really think about turning the garage into any other type of functional space. They park cars there, maybe set up a workspace or small shop, and store items that they aren't using at the time. Of course, plenty of people also use the garage for an extra fridge or freezer or as a utility room where they use their washer and dryer.

If you've reached a stage where you have to get the game area out of the basement, this space can be the perfect place to go if you invest the time to plan accordingly.

Plan with the family

This project is going to go much quicker if you get everyone involved. Plus, it's helpful to make sure that everyone is on the same page, so make a list of the things that need to be done.

  • Park all vehicles outside
    If you still want weather protection, consider investing in an outdoor car shelter, if your municipality allows you to put one up. That way, you can still avoid things like snow removal and dealing with debris, and there are even shelters that will hold two vehicles.
  • Measure the space you have
    Most people aren't going to empty their entire garage to build a game room. Therefore, you need to measure the available space in order to plan it out. Use graph paper and try to draw your garage as much as possible to scale, noting any space that you will have to use for your new game area. Make sure that you include fixed appliances, ducts, and windows. Include the vertical space, because that's where you will find plenty of untapped storage. If you have high ceilings, you can even consider storage above the garage door.
  • Put your design on paper
    Once you have your garage down on paper and have noted all of the used space, you will be left with whatever space there is for a game room. Where are you going to put your game tables? Consider their size, again, because you're trying to plan as close to scale as possible, as well as whether your items will be fixed or easily portable to free up space. It helps if you can talk to the family and get their input throughout to come up with the best ideas.
Game Room
  • Make a list of renovations
    If you're going to clear out the space and renovate, you might as well paint and do some updates while you're at it. Painting the walls and the concrete floor can be a great way to spruce the place up. An epoxy paint will be best for the floors if you want a long‑lasting result. Decorative flakes are even available to add a unique touch. Consider pale wall colors to make the space look larger and lighter, but consider a dark color for the ceiling if you want to create a darker, more intimate look and feel in the new garage game room.

Now, you need to think about any electrical work that will be necessary, such as additional lighting, heating or outlets. Consider plumbing to add a sink, for an extra bonus.

Next up: Decluttering

The first step to any renovation, once you're ready to act, is to clear out the space. Don't just empty the garage. Figure out what's in there, what you actually want or need, and what can go. That way, you'll free up the space and you'll declutter your home at the same time. Send good items to charity and toss the rest.

Once you're finished, you can use cabinets or plastic totes or crates to store everything that you're going to save and keep in the garage. Don't use cardboard boxes because they can get damp and musty, or even cause damage to their contents over time.

Create a comfortable space

There are a lot of different ways that you could go about making your garage a more comfortable space. If you're considering making a gradual improvement here, that's fine. Just make sure you can use the space in the meantime. If you are adding a TV, consider a rug, as well, to finish the room.

What about the games?

Aside from pool tables, what else might you want in your game room? Consider:

  • Table Tennis (ping‑pong)
  • Foosball
  • Darts
  • Video Games
  • Pinball machines
  • Air hockey
  • A putting green
  • Blackjack or Poker table

Game Room

There's plenty to choose from! You can easily customize your perfect garage game room for your family's enjoyment and even your budget.

Don't forget the garage door

Of course, when you're putting all this time and work into your garage, you can't forget the garage door. If you're going to keep your game room comfortable, you need a door that is weathertight and insulated to keep out the heat, cold, and moisture.

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