Is Your Garage Dangerous for Your Vehicle?

Garage Door

If you are like many, the garage is used to park your vehicle and is also used to store seasonal items that you don’t need on a regular basis. This may mean there isn’t a lot of space available to park your car when the temperatures start dropping and it gets cold outside. You may wonder how you can keep all your belongings cared for, while also protecting your major investment, the vehicle. We have some tips that will help you protect your vehicle from mishaps that may be lurking.

Safety Matters When Parking

A common challenge for homeowners who have crowded garages involves successfully parking their vehicles in a way where the car doors can be opened in a safe manner.

Tennis Ball

There is a budget option for those who want to save money. All you need to do is hang a tennis ball from a piece of string which is indirectly attached to the garage door. As the door opens, the tennis ball drops to a spot where it touches your windshield so you know you have moved to an appropriate place. If you are open to spending a bit more, you can also purchase PVC parking mats with raised areas. You drive up and once you feel you’ve driven over the first bump, you stop the car.

Safety Matters When Parking

Those who want a more high‑tech option can invest in a laser pointer. You place the laser light on the ceiling and it directs the beam down toward the car. As you drive in, when that beam hits a specific place on the dashboard, it’s time to stop the car.

Laser Light

Car Door Protection

After the car has been properly parked in the right area, you also want to be certain that you do not dent your vehicle doors. For those with cars parked near a wall, attacking foam pool noodles along the wall is a great and inexpensive option.

If you instead have two vehicles that are often parked close together, you can attach that same foam noodle to a post that is kept in place by some kind of solid base or by screwing the post into the concrete floor.

Car Door Protection

Avoid Overloading Shelves and Keep Tools Secure

Sometimes simple things can escape our minds, even something like safely hanging and storing objects in your garage so they do not cause damage to your vehicle. If you aren’t sure how to go about that, you can find a lot of tips and tricks online, along with photos to help guide you along.

Another thing to be aware of is that vibrations from the home, coming from washing machines or other devices, can cause items on a shelf to migrate. Try to avoid overloading any of the shelves and keep things that could be damaging away from your car.

Animal Visitors

Pint sized rodents and other animals are naturally interested in finding a warm, comfortable place to hole up during the winter. For those who have a well‑insulated and heated garage, but have inefficient or torn weatherstripping, it’s highly likely that a mole, mouse, or something similar will squeeze inside to stay warm. Small rodents, like field mice, can actually make their way in through a hole as small as a nickel! This is why it’s important to check that the U‑shaped bottom of your weatherseal is not broken and that is puts pressure on the garage door threshold. You should also check to see if rodents are trying to get in through the lowest point in the exterior weatherstripping.

Animal Visitors

You may think you’re in the clear if your garage is non‑insulated and located behind your house, but that’s not true. The motor of your car is a warm and comfy place for pests and some of them can do some serious damage to wiring in your vehicle. The good news is there’s an easy fix. Use mothballs. Rodents hate the strong smell of a mothball and will keep away from your garage.

Salt on Roads

You should also watch out for the salt that is spread on roads when the weather gets icy. Salt is a corrosive substance and you don’t want it to sit on your paint job and make problems for you. The best way to avoid this is by washing your car at a car wash. You can use the wand to direct the pressure to the fenders and other areas. However, be careful about washing when the temperatures get low (5 degrees F or 15 degrees C) unless you can quickly get your car into a warm garage after the wash is complete.

Salt On Roads

Final Thoughts

To keep your garage from becoming overly cluttered, it’s a good rule of thumb to give it a thorough cleaning about twice a year. In addition, consider whether items you’re keeping are needed or you’re keeping them “just in case”. If you don’t need it, you can always give it to charity so you know it will go to good use. In most case, charity organizations are happy to pick these items up from your home.

If you notice while checking and cleaning your garage that it needs a good tune‑up or needs to be replaced, contact us at 508-875-3508.

We will happily provide a customized quotation that can be emailed to you for convenience. We are also available to visit your home to provide you with details about all the garage doors that are available on the market today. We can even advise you on the best choices for your particular needs. If you want inspiration or extra ideas for the new door, use our Design Centre or look through our image gallery.


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