September 29, 2017

A garage door expert will give you quality work every time

Quality work

When you’re buying a garage door, you know that it’s going to be a considerable investment. However, you’ll probably only have to do it a couple of times over your lifetime. You’ll want to be sure, though, that you’re fully satisfied with your purchase, and that the installation work is done properly.

If you’re looking for a new garage door, we can help you with this user‑friendly guide that will help you along the way, so that you get the results you want. One of the best ways to think about selecting a new garage door is to divide the procedure into three distinct installation phases – the before, the during, and the after.

  • BEFORE: This is where you first meet with a garage door pro to find out what they can offer you.
  • DURING: Throughout the installation procedure, the installer should make sure that you can see the way in which they look after all the details, and how respectful they are of your property.
  • AFTER: Once the installation is complete, the installer should reply promptly to any questions and concerns you might have, and make any adjustments that might be required.

Garage door experts are qualified advisors

Of course you expect your garage door expert to be a qualified installer, but you’re entitled to more. You want someone who knows what’s on the market, and how it can benefit you. You should expect to receive detailed information when it comes:

Throughout the process, your garage door expert should advise you as to each step of the planning process, from the beginning of the installation through to the point of finishing the work. You should get a number of different quotations if the expert is doing his job properly. It’s easy, thanks to today’s technology, to give you all sorts of options. You can also use our Design Centre to see how your house will look once your new garage door is installed.

An expert will never give you a quotation that’s just scrawled on the back of a business card. There’s no reason why you can’t have all the details you need.

Proper measurements are essential

Proper measurements

When it comes to installing a durable garage door, the installation is every bit as important as the quality of the product. When an installer comes to your home, you’ll know whether you can get by with a standard garage door size, or if you need a custom job. In addition, any problems that might occur can be identified early on. That way, you can be assured that the door fits the way it should, and will perform properly for many years to come.

The code of conduct

A reputable garage door installer will likely be a member of a reputable association. When it comes to garage doors, there are several, including the IDA (International Door Association) and the Canadian Door Institute. Both have rigorous codes of conduct. Members are expected to adhere to the code, so if you’re looking for complete customer satisfaction, make sure that you choose a garage door expert who is a member of one or both of these organizations.

A trustworthy company will also answer all of your questions once the installation is complete, and show you how to use your garage door opener. They’ll also show you how to deactivate the opener if you should ever need to, and safely lift the door manually. In addition, they’ll offer tips on how to determine if your garage door system isn’t working properly, and tell you about the lubrication that your door will need every six months to make sure that it continues to work the way it should.

Code of conduct

Warranties, emergencies and tune‑ups warranties

Another way in which a garage door expert will protect you is by offering a tune‑up program for your garage door, whether it’s residential or commercial. This is your way of knowing that the installer isn’t going to just bail on you once the job is done – instead, they’ll take care of you in the long term.

A true professional will also provide emergency service and make sure that they have the necessary parts in stock in case you should happen to need an emergency repair.

Make sure to find out what’s offered in terms of a warranty. A real pro will give you a written document, not just a verbal assurance that they’ll “look after you” if something goes wrong. Another way of identifying a real professional is if they ask to leave a sticker on your door or door opener, displaying their phone number so that you can reach them easily if something should go wrong.

The final word…

You want to be sure that your garage door installation is done to the most exacting standards, with an eye to what you want and also to industry standards. We are very proud of our work, and have no trouble meeting those standards, so, contact us at 508-875-3508.

If you like, we’ll be happy to send you a comprehensive quotation by email. We’d also be happy to come and see you at your home, and talk with you about the various products on today’s market. You can also check out our Design Centre and our image gallery to explore great ideas for your new garage door.

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