Don’t DIY that garage door repair, call a specialist! Here are 5 good reasons why…


Doing the work yourself is certainly a good option with many types of projects including building a house or performing major home renovations. But there’re some jobs where you really the need technical expertise of a technician. There are some things we are very good at, but they are others that are at least somewhat outside of our skillset.

Here are five excellent reasons why, when dealing with a garage door system, you should go with a garage door professional for making your repairs.

As always: Safety first…

Garage doors made out of wood or metal can be very heavy, particularly depending on when they were made and the type of material that was used. Double doors are even heavier. You can imagine the weight of a 16’ (4.9 m) wide door. And this would be exacerbated if the regular maintenance had not been performed on your door.

Out of every moving component on your home, always remember that your garage door is the largest. It is very sad, but hundreds of people every year get seriously injured when they are trying to repair their garage doors. When lifting cables have failed or there is a broken spring, this has caused doors to fall. Let’s consider how much a door can weigh. For instance, a 1¾” (45 mm) thick door that is 9’ (2.7 m) wide can weigh between 130 and 175 pounds (60 to 80 kilos). A double garage door can easily be twice as heavy, from 260 to 350 pounds (118 to 160 kilos). A garage door specialist can immediately see the dangers when he or she arrives on the site, and, in turn, this knowledge will be applied to ensure the safety of all.

There’s no replacing experience!

How well do you actually know how a garage door system works? Do you understand how each piece of hardware interacts with the other ones—or how the counterweight system makes it so you can lift a heavy garage door with only one hand? Likely, the answer is no. So, it may be time to put away the tools and pick up the phone to call a reliable business that will get the work done—and properly!

The only way to fully understand how to repair garage doors is by doing it in the field. There are also factors regarding performing repairs in difficult conditions and places that can only be understood with practice. An experienced technician has the knowledge needed to properly balance the door to make sure it is weathertight as well as eliminate harmful friction between the door system’s components that can cause the door wear out early.

You can have peace of mind

You might improperly or incompletely perform the repair when you try to repair the garage door system yourself. This can result in the problem you are trying to fix reoccurring, or it could get worse. An electric garage door opener repair can be especially problematic.

Professionals with a well‑deserved reputation for properly executing garage door repairs can even give you a guarantee, in writing, of the work they have done as well as all of the parts involved. And this can last for 12 months. All the work needs to be done well and they are confident they can accomplish that. Therefore, they have no problem committing themselves to doing a thorough, professional job that leaves you 100% satisfied. An expert gets it right the first time around.

You can save both time and money!

If a garage door specialist has a well‑established business in your area, they know what they are talking about and you’ll be able to see that, particularly because they will clearly explain what is involved. This is not something you can simply do overnight. If you hire a professional, you give yourself the luxury of having more time to do other important things in your life. Another important factor is the many years of experience a garage door professional would have enable them to finish the job much faster then you wouldn’t be able to. And you can have confidence in them because their goal is to ensure the long‑term operation of your garage door.

Even though it may seem like you are saving money when you do‑it‑yourself, you actually may end up spending more money. This is especially true if you find out you voided the manufacturer’s warranty because the repair wasn’t done how they wanted it to be done, or if you damaged a major component of the door mechanism.

Garage door professionals also have insurance that covers any damage to your property and personal injury as well.

If an accident happens, you are free from liability

Keep in mind if things are done incorrectly and an accident occurs, you will be personally responsible for the damage. If you do the repairs yourself, you are fully exposed and personally liable. This is not the kind of risk you should be taking on. Put your trust in highly‑qualified technicians because garage door systems are what they specialize in.

Get started now

There’s no need wait. You can contact us by calling toll‑free at 1-800-545-3667. Regardless of the size, we can handle any repairs to your garage door system. We know garage doors better than anyone else. Further, we can use this knowledge help you make the best decision according to your precise needs and still respect your budget. Also, you can have an email quotation sent to you, or you can visit us at our showroom.

If a new garage door is what you’re after, you can use our Design Centre to find the style that best suits you. Need some inspiration? Take a look through our image gallery to see a great selection of beautiful ideas.

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