Open or Close Your Garage Door From Anywhere in the World Using Your Smartphone!

Phone MyQ

Can you imagine being able to control your garage door from anywhere at all? You can, when you buy a brand new garage door opener from LiftMaster that has MyQ® technology. With a mere touch of your finger, you can open and close your garage door from anywhere in the world, using your Apple, Blackberry or Android phone.

Sound exciting? It is. And not only can you control your garage door with the MyQ® app, you can use it to improve your home security.

Global Operation

Are you tired of the expression “There’s an app for that”? There’s a reason why you hear it all the time - it’s true. There are apps for practically every aspect of our lives, including our garage door openers. That’s because the innovative people at Chamberlain, the company that makes LiftMaster door openers, have developed 21st‑century technology for garage door openers.

LiftMaster MyQ® technology got a good deal of attention at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). People lined up to see how they could use a simple app to control their garage doors, as well as their lighting and small appliances.

Here’s how it works. An Ethernet cable (included) connects an Internet gateway to your router. A power adapter (also included) provides electricity. You don’t have to worry about security - Ethernet is safer than wireless. Then, you go online and register the gateway. Once that’s done, you can add devices.

The Gateway “Learns”

In order for the gateway to “learn” the door opener, you have to have learning technology. Many door openers that were made after 1998 have this feature. Any questions can be answered by your a LiftMaster professional.

You’ll need to download the right app for your smartphone, whether it’s Android (Google Play), Apple (IOS), or Blackberry. Once that’s done, you use the “learn” feature, and add the door opener. You can add other doors and devices, too.

Once the app learns your garage door opener, you can open and close at will, from anywhere, using your smartphone. The gateway communicates with the opener via a radio signal.

Several Advantages

When you’re able to control your garage door opener using your smartphone, you’ll find that you have more freedom and flexibility than you did before. Just as an example, think about the last time you were late for work because you couldn’t remember if you’d closed the garage door. You didn’t have a choice - you had to go back and find out. With the MyQ® smartphone app, you’d have made it to work on time, because you could have checked the door just by touching a button on your phone. And if it had been open, you still wouldn’t have had to go home, because you could have closed it using your phone. As for anyone who might have been in your garage, they’d have known that the door was about to close because of lights and beeps that the door opener would have delivered.

With the MyQ® app, you can even control the lighting and the small appliances in your home by means of wall switches and adapters.

It’s Secure, Convenient, and Safe

Not only does the app tell you if your garage door is open, it can tell you if it’s being opened! Because the door opener is always being monitored by the app, you can receive an alert on your phone or a message via email (whichever you prefer) any time the status of the door changes. If you miss your notification, the app can tell you how much time has elapsed since the door was opened.

If you’re expecting a delivery when you’re not home, you no longer have to worry about your package being damaged or carried off if it’s left outside. All you have to do is have the delivery service give you a call when they arrive – you can open the garage door so your package can be put inside, and then close it if the delivery driver should forget to do so.

If your smartphone isn’t Internet‑ready, that’s not insurmountable. You can use any computer, tablet or laptop to access the MyQ® website, and then use the features that you find there to control your door opener, lighting, or gate opener. You can control all these functions from anywhere - even on the other side of the globe.

Learn More

You can take a look at this video if you’d like to learn more about the MyQ® app. We also have other videos that you can view if you need to know more about how the app will work on a particular type of device, or if you want to know how to customize alerts for your doors and devices.

For more information on MyQ system, contact us now. We serve Boston and surrounding areas (Natick, Newton, Framingham, etc.)

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