Prevent garage break-ins

Prevent break-ins

In Canada, a house is broken in to every 90 seconds and in the US, every 18 seconds. Respectively, 80% and 60% occur during the day.

The garage door is a good entry point for burglars. The garage often contains valuable belongings‑motorcycles, mountain bikes, cars etc. Often, these robberies occur because of negligence. And we sometimes forget to lock our car doors.

If we park our cars in the parking lot, thieves know how to blend in while walking through and checking car doors to see if they are unlocked. If they find an unlocked vehicle, they can take the garage door opener if it is clipped to your sun visor. Then they can search your car registration in order to get your home address. And that's how they commit their crimes. It can happen in less than 30 minutes.

You might say, "that only happens to other people”. It may be the case it has not happened to you. Just in case, here are some things that may help you avoid a situation like this.

1) How old is your electric garage door opener? Do you know?

  • If you are not sure or really have no idea, take a look on the motor housing. There should be a label there. You can find this information by removing the cover that protects the light bulb.
  • In order to keep your family safe, if the date is before 1993, seriously consider changing your garage door opener.
  • It is very easy for thieves to scan your code and operate your opener if it was made before this date. They could come back later and enter illegally.

2) Conceal your garage door remote

  • Never clip it on your sun visor and leave it there in plain sight.
  • Place it in a location that is not obvious. If possible, carry with you.
  • Use a mini remote control 375(UT). It is best if it can be clipped on your keychain. It does not take a lot of pressure to activate the door opener. If you have a mini remote control, be sure to leave your keys on the table or near the door. Try not to leave them in a place where someone could inadvertently sit on it.
  • Since 2017, using Chamberlain / LiftMaster’s MyQ technology, it is now possible to control your garage door using your smartphone.
Mini remote control

3) Leaving home for a while?

  • If you disconnect the motor from the power source, it makes it impossible to use a remote control or even the exterior keypad to operate the garage door.
  • Near the access door to the house, you can press the lock button located on the control panel. You will want to make sure the buttons have been firmly pressed and the indicator light is blinking. That way you know it is engaged.
  • Another option is to add a side lock. You can install it on the inside of the door with a steel rod that engages in the vertical rail. If you choose, you could even lock this with a padlock. It will be important to remember to unlock it when you come back, especially before operating the garage door with your remote.
  • If you have Wi‑Fi, LiftMaster recently began selling an automatic lock (841LM) that can be activated using your smartphone. In order to use it though, your door opener must be connected to a Wi‑Fi network.
Automatic lock - 841LM

4) Does your garage door have windows at the top?

  • Windows make it easy for burglars to see what you have stored in your garage.
  • On the track of the door opener, there is a manual release latch. A burglar can easily excess this latch with a wire clothes hanger.
  • Clear windows can be covered with a curtain, or opaque or reflective privacy film.
  • If you are planning on replacing your garage door, look for windows that have tinted or frosted glass.

5) Getting a stronger garage door

  • This is important if you have a garage door that is not insulated or only has one panel of polystyrene insulation.
  • Try to choose a garage door with both sides covered and steel sheeting; a sandwich style is best. This type of door is made to be stronger and can withstand being hit by a steel bar or even any electric saw. If you are looking for an even stronger door, choose a door injected with 1‑¾ inch thick polyurethane.

6) Stay protected day and night

  • Double check at night that your garage door is properly closed and locked. Police advise that you make sure your doors are locked around 9 PM. For your garage door, if your door is firmly closed, there is a monitor (829LM) that will tell you. If you have LiftMaster’s MyQ technology, you can check using your smart phone.
  • Having lights on the exterior of your home and around your garage is important. If you have motion detectors combined with exterior lighting, that is even better.
  • For added protection, a Wi‑Fi enabled security camera maybe something to consider.
  • Have a radio playing in the garage tuned to talk radio so a voice is heard most of the time.
Security camera

If security is important to you

If you would like to, pay us a visit and see our showroom. Are you thinking about a new garage door? Our Design Centre is a great place to help you choose a style that suits you. Need some inspiration? Take a look through our image gallery and get lots of great ideas.

It is a good time to contact us. We are garage door experts. We know them in and out. We give advice and explain the best options and choices to make based on your specific needs. We are concerned about your security and staying within your budget. If you’re interested, we can quickly send you a quotation via email.

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