Small Garage Doors for Sheds and Small Garages

Many homeowners choose to build a shed or small garage to house their vehicles, outdoor equipment, and supplies. Overhead garage doors add to the convenience of these storage spaces. Shed garage doors are much smaller than standard garage doors. What size garage doors are available on the market today?

These garage doors are in the Moderno 2 beads design, 6' x 7' and 10' x 8', Black, window layout: Right-side Harmony.

Pictured here are two black garage doors. The shed door was customized later to match the design of the house. You are not limited to classic white when choosing garage doors. You can choose your colors for a cohesive design. Here is the Moderno 2 beads design, both black garage doors.

If you are building a new shed, and you have the time and want to build it alone or with friends, refer to House Digest, for some advice on the process.

Are smaller garage door sizes available? Yes! Can you add a small garage door to sheds and small garages? Also, yes!

Six-and-a-half feet and seven feet tall are the standard garage door sizes, and these are the most popular. However, there are many other sizing options.

Custom residential garage doors are available through Garaga, ranging from 4 to 20 feet wide (to the nearest inch), and from 6 to 12 feet high (in one- or three-inch increments). You get the best fit by ordering a custom size that will help you avoid extra carpentry costs when installing.

Garaga makes garage doors as narrow as 4-feet wide.

You can get your exact dimensions for no extra fee. No matter what your shed is used for, Garaga garage doors are custom-made so you can get the perfect size every time.

That being said, you can install a custom-sized small garage door on your shed. Adding a garage door to your shed is a storage or workshop game-changer!

Insulated Garage Doors for your Shed or Detached Garage are Also an Option

You will want to consider how much time will be spent in your shed during the colder months. If you’re just using it for storage, how cold-sensitive are the items you’re storing?

Freezing temperatures could ruin some of your belongings, and you won’t want to be cold inside your workshop. Added condensation can also contribute to moisture retention and damage.

SFGATE has provided 6 tips for preventing humidity problems in your shed. These tips include running a dehumidifier or window fan, calcium chloride containers, and ventilation.

Will you be heating your shed?

Your garage door’s resistance to heat flow is quantified as the R-value of your garage door. As the R-value increases, so will the insulation level. If you plan on keeping your shed warm, you will want an insulated garage door to avoid wasting energy (and money) used to heat the space.

  • R-12 garage door for a heated shed.
  • An un-insulated garage door if you have an unheated shed; A garage door insulated with polystyrene (Styrofoam), can also suffice.

Overhead Garage Doors by The Village Collection

Find polystyrene-insulated or non-insulated garage doors in the Village Collection garage doors. Their embossed styles add a classic aesthetic. They’re also crafted in the USA.

Traditional and Carriage House are their two main styles and are available in 10 designs and nine colours.

This garage door is in the Village I-2 Layout design, Flat base, 5' x 6', White, Satin window.

This garage door is a great size to store your jet ski and water toys. Here is the Village Collection I-2 design, Flat base, 5’ x 6’, White, Satin window. These doors are either insulated or uninsulated.

Construction of The Vantage Overhead Garage Door

Vantage garage doors are extra energy-efficient. They are built with polystyrene insulation or Styrofoam, bonded between two steel walls, 2 inches thick with three layers.

This garage door is in the Standard+ Shaker-Flat CC design, 7' x 7', Iron Ore Walnut, Orion 4 lite windows.

Though this garage door has a woodgrain finish that gives the door a rustic look, the garage door actually has steel on both sides. This shed has the right aesthetic to be a crafting space or “she-shed.” This door is 7' x 7' in the color Iron Ore Walnut, with Orion 4 lite windows.

Garage Door Model Series Acadia 138

Polyurethane is an injected foam insulation is featured in the Acadia 138 garage doors. This insulation gives them an R-12 thermal resistance rating. Polyurethane offers twice as sturdy as a garage door of the same thickness filled with polystyrene.

This garage door is in the Acadia 138 Classic CC design, 5' x 7', Ice White.

If you’re using your shed as an office or workspace year-round, you’ll want to go with Polyurethane-insulated garage doors for the best thermal insulation, compared to alternatives of the same thickness. This is the best insulation for use during the winter months. The door is easily opened and closed to accommodate for the weather while spending time in your workspace. Here is the Acadia 138 in the Classic CC design, 5' x 7', Ice White.

If you’re not sure what type of insulation or R-value you should order, contact a garage door specialist and they will help you find the best choice.

Heating Your Shed

You will need a practical and cost-effective way to heat your shed. Here are some pointers from Shed Windows and More, on how to keep your shed warm:

  • Create a welcoming atmosphere by adding a woodburning stove to add to the warmth and style of your space.
  • Use a thermostat with a timer.
  • Thorough insulation is important.
  • Small fan heaters or traditional radiators make great portable options.

A wood-burning stove that is warming a shed and adding a cozy ambiance.

Pictured here is a rustic wood-burning stove. Installing this in your shed would turn a dingy workspace into a cozy retreat, while also functioning to heat the space. The stove blends well with the other natural materials and the woodsy aesthetic of the space. Image from Unsplash.

Sectional Garage Doors – 2 Advantages for Sheds

1. More Space for Storage

Many people have items in storage that are only used seasonally or once a year, such as camping gear, beach equipment, toys, holiday decorations, lawn mowers…

It’s a struggle to get them out when you need them without making a mess and having to reorganize every time. Wouldn’t it be best to organize your storage in such a way that you can get to your items more easily?

2. Width of Garage Door Opening

The small size of a sectional overhead garage door is more accommodating for moving large items in and out of your shed.

A wider door will provide better clearance for your lawnmower, outdoor furniture, or other large objects. When moving bulky items, walls can end up getting scratched. With a wider entrance, you have more space to maneuver your items in or out.

Add Convenience with an Electric Garage Door Opener to Open your garage door

There are a couple of options you can choose from as far as the model of garage door opener.

Browse the different features of this garage door opener model LiftMaster 8355W.

Pictured here is the LiftMaster 8355W model, a trolley-type garage door opener. It is notably quiet and reliable. Control your garage door from anywhere with your smartphone with its featured myQ technology.

  • An overhead garage door opener (trolley design)

    A trolley is a great option from a technical perspective because it is designed specifically for low-headroom and works best for standard lift garage doors, most commonly found in garage doors for sheds

    The motor of the electric garage door opener opens and closes the door by lifting it up and down from its mounted location on the ceiling.

  • A wall-mounted garage door opener (jackshaft design)

    A jackshaft mounted to the side of the door would also allow you to keep some ceiling storage space and may require less maintenance.

    This type of garage door opener works best with high-lift garage doors.

The size of your building will also influence what type of electric garage door opener you install. Please contact a professional to get your questions answered about garage door openers and types of lifts. A professional’s opinion will help guide you to the right choice faster than you could figure it out on your own.

Other LiftMaster accessories are available

Adding pull chains or lift handles will allow you to open and close the garage door, from inside or out, by hand.

An inside lock will add extra security to deter intruders.

This garage door is in the Classic MIX design, 8' x 7', Charcoal.

This is the Classic MIX design, 8’ x 7’, in Charcoal. With a garage door of this size, you could easily store a lawnmower, motorcycle, or four-wheeler. The wide opening means you won’t struggle to get your items in or out of your shed.

Customize Your Shed Garage Door to Match the Garage Door on Your Home

There are various designs and colors to choose from for your small garage door. You aren’t stuck with plain white garage doors. Create a cohesive design by coordinating the colors of your home garage door and your shed garage door.

Level up your shed garage door with eye-catching details:

  • Windows

    Windows add lots of natural light into your shed through your garage doors, and there are many options for different types of glass and decorative grid inserts to choose from. If you like textured glass, a satiny finish, or a lined design, these are also available.

    Sandblast glass allows you to keep some privacy over the contents of your shed to the outside world while still letting some light in. It’s also very helpful for concealing valuables for your peace of mind.

  • Decorative hardware

    Adding decorative hardware helps to add to the aesthetic appeal of your shed garage door, especially if it’s more than just a storage shed and is used as a workspace of some kind. There are many kinds of hardware to add to your design.

    It is easy to install decorative hardware on your own with just a simple screwdriver.

These garage doors are in Eastman E-22 design, 6' x 7', Dark Sand doors and Desert Sand overlays, Arch Overlay with Panoramic 4 vertical lite windows.

You can see here that real overlays and windows have been added to this shed garage door in the same design as what’s on the house garage door, resulting in a cohesive look that adds to the curb appeal of the property. The rustic aesthetic is enhanced by the decorative hardware on both the shed door and the garage door. Pictured is the Eastman E-22 design, 6’ x 7’, Moka Brown door and Ice White overlays, 4 vertical lite Panoramic windows.

Overhead doors are great options for your shed and can be customized to your liking! Upgrade your shed with an small sectional garage door today!

Now you’re aware that garage doors are available in a wide array of sizes, large and small, and can be customized to fit your specific needs. Consider all the options available to you.

Standard Garage Doors and Shed Garage Doors, Custom-Made

It’s even easier to match a new door to your shed if your current garage doors are from Garaga. We can just evaluate your existing garage door and make you a custom size for your shed that matches perfectly.

Door Systems Metro Boston offers an impressive selection of residential garage doors with a multitude of designs and colors. To make your search for the perfect garage door even easier, our garage door designs are sorted into 3 most popular house styles:

Our Design Centre allows you to have a more visual, hands-on experience where you can see what your custom garage doors would look like on your house or shed. Play around with various colors, designs, windows, and other features. For your convenience, request a free quote via email!

Our garage door experts are available to answer more technical questions.

For more information about garage door sizes and our garage door opener selection, contact Door Systems Metro Boston. We have the experience and knowledge to answer your questions and serve your needs.

Call 508-875-3508!

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