The Top 7 Reasons to Update Your Garage Door

Top 7 Reasons to update

The garage door is a trusted and reliable part of our home… until it isn't. After all, garage doors do malfunction, fail and ultimately need to be replaced. They can age and degrade and make our homes look pretty bad where curb appeal is concerned. Because of that, we are going to look at the top 7 reasons to consider updating or replacing your garage door.

Before we dive into that list, though, we thought you might appreciate some key facts about garage doors that only reinforce the idea that updating or replacing it may be a wise choice. Just consider:

  • It is the largest moving part of any home
  • It can take up to around 40% of the front of the home
  • It is typically (around 70% of the time) a home's main entrance

Does this demonstrate just why we should all pay a bit more attention to our garage doors? Here are 7 additional things to consider about them:

Your Garage Is ALWAYS Cold or Hot

Most of us have started to consider the garage as part of the home and not just where we leave the car and that junk we need to deal with. Unfortunately, if a garage door is not up to date, it can make the garage unbearably hot in the summer and near‑arctic cold in the winter.

If you want to make this a functional space, it means having a door with at least an R‑12 level of insulation. This alone is not enough, though, and you need to be certain the door fits well and has appropriate amounts of weather stripping to prevent air transfer.

Didn't We JUST Paint the Door?

Wooden garage doors need repainting roughly every two years. That translates to a lot of time and a lot of paint. Why spend several summer days every other year sanding and painting when a new garage door features oven‑baked paint. This is weather resistant and holds its good looks for years. You can find out how many coats of paint are applied to the door you choose and even select a more resistant treatment.

Why Is Our Door SO Heavy?

It is a clear sign that it is time to replace your door if you experience a loss of power and your electric garage door opener can't work, but when you go to lift the door you strain and struggle. What this means is that the door is out of balance and out of date. After all, a standard door should weigh between 8 and 10 lb. (3.5 and 4.5 kg).

You should be able to pop it open with a single hand. An electric opener is meant to lift and then push down the weight, but they can often handle as much as 250 lb. (110 kg.). Of course, they shouldn't have to, and using one of the old, heavier doors is just asking for trouble.

It REALLY Looks Dated

Because doors take up such a measurable percentage of the front of your home, you really don't want it to be ugly our outdated. This is true whether you are going to remain in the home for years or put it on the market soon. Curb appeal is curb appeal and you don't want to groan in disgust each time you arrive home to the ugly door, nor do you want a potential buyer thinking "ick" upon seeing it, either.

There are so many options in new garage doors that you can quickly find one that enhances and matches your home's current style - even being colored identically to your front door. You can add windows of many sizes and really spruce up the appearance of a huge portion of your home with this one fix.

What Is That NOISE?

Garage doors shouldn't make a lot of noise. Sure, you should hear the opener at work and know that it is in use, but if you hear a lot of noise and wonder if there is something wrong, it is a very bad sign. It could mean a major system failure is about to occur or that a major component has already failed. A malfunctioning garage door is an unsafe one, and yet it takes only minutes for a professional to see the problem. If your garage door opening makes it sound like the house is coming down, it's time for a tune‑up service call to resolve the situation.

Wait… ANOTHER Repair?

If you find that you constantly make repairs to the door, it is a signal that you need to update or replace it. Though you might worry that it is an unnecessary or less valuable repair, consider what the experts at Remodeling Magazine say. They point out that replacing the garage door is third on their list of most valuable renovations on a home. For instance, they say homeowners get a nearly 92% return on a $1650 door. No matter what the value of your home, that enormous return really proves the value of an updated garage door as a savvy investment.

Why Doesn't the Opener WORK?

If the problem isn't the door, but the door opener, it might still be a sign that a new door is a good idea. Many garage door specialists say that the bulk of their service calls relate to problematic openers. If your opener is over 20 years old, there is no question that it is the right time to replace it. It is not just about convenience but also safety and security.

Just consider, it was only in 1993 that openers had to come with automatic reverse systems, and when "rolling codes" technology appeared. This is a system that prevents people from stealing the access code to an electronic opener. However, in 2014, an even greater advance appeared and that is an opener operable from your smart phone, and which you can use from anywhere in the world. Many also now have backup batteries to enable opening and closing even if the power is out.

Now Are You Ready?

By now, it is likely that you are ready to consider your new garage door options. If so, just contact us at 508-875-3508, or get in touch with us to find out how to receive an accurate and no‑obligation online quotation. You don't even have to get in touch to know your options. Just head to our online Design Centre where you can create your own door in more than 23 different styles. If you are stumped, use the image gallery for inspiration and ideas.

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