The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Painting a Garage Door

Worst advice

Have you decided to paint your garage door? This is a must‑read! These are the worst tidbits of painting advice you will ever get.

“Paint the doors black”

In a warm climate, painting the doors black is a bad idea no matter how great it would look. Keep in mind that black absorbs the heat and will make the garage exponentially warmer. Plus, it will weather more quickly, fading sooner than other colors.

“Choose any color you like”

Think about how the doors will offset the rest of the house. Clashing can be a nightmare. To avoid this, consider taking poster board of various colors and placing them, one at a time, against the garage door. Walk toward the street and see how it looks.

“Paint type doesn’t matter”

When painting a surface without regard to the type of material you are painting, you could be setting yourself up for a poor paint job. If the door is made of metal, a different paint should be used than one required for wood. The paint simply will not adhere correctly.

“No need to sand when the current paint is chipping or exceptionally smooth”

When the current coat of paint shows through to the original surface, or when it is beginning to chip, skipping the sanding will cause more work later.

“Don’t bother measuring”

You may end up with less paint than is necessary to complete the job. Friendly advice? Get a little more paint than required, to ensure full coverage.

“One coat is enough”

Some think that paint is a good thick coverage in just one coat. It just isn’t, in most situations. This is especially true when painting a light color over a dark one. And believe it or not, the opposite is also true. The original light coat will show through in portions.

“Designs are cool!”

Unless you wish to look like you have a young child who dabbles in finger painting, it is best to leave the door a solid color.

“No need to wash it first”

Most paint labels recommend the surface to be painted be clean and dry. Heed that advice. Dirty surfaces will not allow the paint to stick.

“Paint double doors different colors”

When there are two garage doors side by side, the house will look a bit unbalanced if painted two different colors. But the beauty is, you can always apply another coat if you find the end result is not what you imagined!

“Quality of brush, roller or paint doesn’t matter”

Oh, yes it does! Cheap brushes cause deep brush marks. Poor foam rollers make the paint shinier in some parts more than others.

Low quality paint will force you to retouch, if not fully cover again, sooner than you should need to do so, causing more expense.

Bonus Tips for Painting a Garage Door Properly

  • Choose good weather, and also the right temperature. Check the label to see recommended temperatures.
  • If you have an automatic door, open it manually the first time. If paint cured in between the sections, it will keep the door from opening and possibly burn out the door’s motor or make the door bounce open.
  • Multiple coats before allowing the previous one to dry can cause the material to never cure. It will be forever sticky.
  • Before beginning, open the door and place a tarp along the ground. Cleanup is a breeze!
  • Prime before painting if using an oil base over a latex one, or if stains are present.

So take your time in prep work. That will make all the difference between a project that will last or one that needs to be repainted immediately!

Have You Considered a Brand New Garage Door?

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