Think You Know Garage Doors? We Bet You Didn’t Know You Could Do This with One!

If you’ve seen all-glass garage doors, you know they’re amazingly beautiful. They’re also pretty versatile! But, we bet that you’ve never seen them do the things we outline in this blog post.

Garage Door Model: California, 9' x 7', White aluminum frame, Sandblasted glass

You like this look? These are California Garage Doors , 9' x 7', White aluminum frame, Sandblasted glass

All-glass garage doors are more than just a trend. They’re amazing ways to add unique design elements and functionality to a home or even a place of business.

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve probably seen California full-glass garage doors used before. Some of the more common options include:

  • Between an outdoor deck and an interior room of the home
  • Between reception rooms
  • Between different areas of a restaurant’s dining room
  • To open up three-season space to the outdoors during nice weather
  • A posh pool house, a wonderful she-shed, a chic cottage, and more

Garage Door Model: California, 12' x 7', Black aluminum frame, Clear glass

You like this look? This a California Garage Door , 12' x 7', Black aluminum frame, Clear glass

With that being said, we bet you’ve never seen a tiny garage door like this!

The California garage door over a kitchen sink. Inside of the door from the kitchen

The Birth of the Project

“Our customers love to spend time with family and friends. They entertain a lot and love to cook for others. What they don’t like is having to carry everything through the house and then out onto their deck. It was just so inconvenient, with so many potential disasters.” – Mellissa Lewis, designer

The customers wanted something unusual – a way to separate the kitchen from the sunroom, but that would double as a window and a spacious pass-through. The customers were looking for something out of the ordinary, a door to separate their kitchen from their 3-season sunroom, that could be used to easily pass food through.

“I had no idea that such tiny garage doors were a possibility. I knew even less about the mechanics of installing a track inside a home! But, when I set foot in Door Systems Metro Boston, the team went right to work helping me bring my crazy ideas to life. The result? An amazingly beautiful, fully functional door right at our sink.”

Many people don’t realize that standard garage doors are actually myths. We usually say the size of a Single garage door is 9’x7’and a Double garage door is 16’x7’, but that’s just an average; the doors are custom designed to your specific measurements.

Garaga sells and installs residential doors based on your home’s requirements, from 4 to 20 feet wide (to the nearest inch), and 6 to 12 feet high (in one-inch, two-inch, or three-inch increments).

The California garage door: A look from the outside, in the 3-season sunroom

All the Technical Details You Need

Want all the details? Here’s what you should know about this tiny panoramic garage door:

  • Overall dimensions : 48 X 56 inches.
  • Door model : California, with a sleek, black frame.
  • Window type : Clear tempered glass.
  • Hardware type : Dura+ with a torsion spring concealed above the door.
  • Galvanized tracks and hinges : Finished with enamel-based black paint.

Making Your Tiny Garage Door Move

You might think this is a manual garage door, but the truth is that it’s motorized! We opted to use a LiftMaster 8500, which is what’s known as a jackshaft opener and can be installed to the side or above the door, rather than on the ceiling.

Great Idea! The spring system and garage door opener were attractively concealed.

Can you spot the opener in the pictures? It’s concealed inside a cabinet to ensure that everything is sleek and amazing.

The door opener dimensions – small means easily hidden!

  • Height: 16 ¼ inches
  • Width: 6 inches
  • Depth: 6.85 inches

Want to know our favorite feature of this opener? It includes MyQTM , state-of-the-art technology that lets you open and close it from a smartphone.

Don’t You Deserve a Project as Unique as This?

Contact us at 1-800-545-3667.

Our team is ready to help you bring your dreams to life. Not sure what you want or what’s possible? No worries! We can walk you through the best garage doors to suit your tastes, home, and budget.

Want to check your options before coming in?

Take a few minutes to explore our Design Centre, where you can explore all your options virtually. Go ahead and explore our garage door gallery too, and you’ll find pictures of our past projects that might inspire your own. When you’re ready, just let us know and we’ll send you a quotation by email.


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