September 14, 2016

How to Transform Your Garage into a Playroom for Your Little Ones

Playroom for your little ones

Have a garage but aren’t using it except to store junk? Or maybe you have more than one garage and don’t actually need the second one to store your vehicles. Whatever the case, you can transform that unused, junk‑filled space into something much more useful, such as a safe playroom for your little ones. It’s actually a lot simpler than you might think. We’ve compiled a list of important tips for you to follow.

Why Reinvent Your Garage?

There are any number of reasons to consider turning your garage into a playroom. Perhaps you have small children who cannot play outside during the colder months of the year. Maybe you live in a neighborhood where privacy is a concern, or perhaps your back yard just isn’t well suited to outdoor play for little ones. Whatever the case, you can reinvent that garage and turn it into a bright, inviting area for your kids to be themselves.

Turning your garage into a playroom

Start with the Right Paint

Chances are good that your garage has a concrete floor, and possibly concrete walls, as well. In this case, you’ll want to use Behr Premium Concrete and Garage Floor paint. It’s durable, and is designed specifically to adhere to cement, so you don’t need to worry about it peeling up or bubbling. There are other brands out there to consider as well, but this is definitely one of the best. As a note, if your walls are not concrete and are unfinished, you’ll need to add insulation, sheetrock and then paint them.

Start with the Right Paint

Keeping the Place Warm

You want to create an inviting room that will be comfortable throughout the year. If your garage door is similar to the Cambridge model, you can benefit from excellent insulation (R‑16), but you may need to add some extra insulation to the room itself. If you live in a particularly cold region, you will also want to add a heating system to the space, but make sure that it is safe for your children to be around (no floor‑mounted space heaters, for instance).

Disable Your Garage Door Opener

While you’ll want to leave your garage door intact, you definitely want to disable the garage door opener. This is usually as simple as unplugging the motor, but make sure that your little ones cannot reconnect it. You will also want to make sure that the garage door remains locked at all times.

Cover Your Floor and Walls

While garage floor paint is a start, you will want to do more to create an inviting, fun atmosphere. There are plenty of options, but puzzle mats are some of the best choices, particularly if you have younger kids. You can find many options on Amazon, but also at arts and crafts stores in your area. Wall stickers are also great additions and can add color and life to the room. You’ll find a host of child‑centric stickers out there, from hit movies like The Avengers and Transformers to wildlife, cartoon animals and many more. Like floor puzzles, you can find wall stickers on Amazon, but also through arts and craft stores and other outlets, as well.

Storage Space for Toys

You’re creating a playroom for your little ones, which means there will be toys present. She covered the floor of the garage in puzzle floor materials. These can be found at many stores. Our employee got hers at Walmart, but these types of mats can be found at Home Depot, Toys R Us, online at Amazon, Canadian Tires, or many other stores. While you can add a couple of toy boxes to the garage‑turned‑playroom, you can also shop at Ikea or another similar furniture store to find creative storage solutions. These can include cubbies, tables, cupboards and more. Add a couple of desks where your little ones can sit and color for hours, as well.

Makeover idea
Makeover idea original

What do you think of this makeover idea? Did we miss anything? Have anything to add - a great idea that you want others to know about? Make sure to add it in the comments, and then share this post with your family and friends to inspire their efforts!

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