Understanding the Nuances Between the 5 Major Types of Garage Door Lifts

This is a Prestige XL design garage door, here shown in single size, Chocolate Walnut color, with Pinhead windows.

Looking to mix interesting aspects like texture? Try straight lines and curves in window shutters, stone, and wood to accent bay windows, entry doors, and doors? Are you looking for something that stands the test of time with a traditional style? It’s time for you to get to know the Prestige XL Design garage door, pictured above in a Chocolate Walnut color in a single size with pinhead windows.

It’s finally time to take control of your life and build that house you’ve been dreaming of for months – or even years. That means you get to make all the decisions about architecture, style, and more. And to make things even more exciting, you can choose an attached garage for your cars, use it as a workout space, or somewhere to hold all your belongings that you only need a few times a year. This is an exciting time that you should make the most of.

A picture of well-know companies that have started in their garage.

A garage is a place that every home can benefit from. Especially if you have a family. Everyone’s favorite hobbies and games can be done in this space. It could even be the place where you find your life passion.

The recent pandemic has made garages even more essential. Nowadays, people use them as home gyms, virtual offices, teenage hangout spots, and tons of other things. Sure, it costs money to build a garage, but it will turn out to be well worth it when it gives you a particular space in your home. On top of that, if you ever sell the house, it increases the resale value!

Maybe the most exhilarating part is being able to take charge and select the garage door that complements the rest of your home’s exterior. But there’s one other thing to do first. You need to know about the five different garage door lifts you can choose from to make the best decision.

The High Lift Option and the Ability to Include Windows Directly Above the Garage Door

A picture of a contemporary house with 2 single Vog garage doors in Black Color with Right-Side Harmony window layout

Check out this modern, luxurious home with two separate single Vog garage doors in black. They are rimmed by windows to create a complementary match with the door leading into the home. This works well for modern-style homes with lots of windows for extra light!

With a high lift door, the tracks of the door are extended. This lets the door sit right against the wall. It also moves up higher before reaching the curve point. This gives you an excellent way to take up vertical space in the garage. It can even give a foot to 15 inches of extra headroom since the tracks are way up near the ceiling.

This California all-glass garage door installed in a hip cottage opens up the space between the home and the swimming pool.

With high lift components, an industrial style can add to the design of a home, especially with several textures. You can add in a California all-glass garage door that breaks up the space and makes it feel larger out to the pool or increase visual appeal with high ceilings. High lift is an excellent choice for many situations.

Who is the right person to benefit from high lift hardware for a garage door? Anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits listed below:

  • Similar to the above image, the door of the garage becomes an elegant part of your home, which boasts high ceilings.
  • You get to enjoy the presence of windows over the garage door when making your garage design.
  • You’d like to have a ton of storage space above your garage door, so you can make use of the floor space. The more you can fit to the wall, the more floor you can use as you like.
  • Clearance matters because you have plans to add a car lift into the space.
  • When you think about the future, you have plans. Maybe you want a business in the garage or hope to create a huge home gym. With this hardware, the door will be out of the way so you can do anything you like.

A technical drawing of a High Garage Door Lift

The technical image above gives you an idea of how the high lift garage door works. Some of it stays on a track that is level while the rest angles out from the wall space.

What to expect from high lift hardware for garage doors:

The main characteristic of a high lift door is that it moves differently along its tracks. Basically, the door moves farther up before it can come down. This adds a new level of pressure on the parts, and some of the components will need to be unique.

  1. Tracks for the garage door:

    Everyone is different, and so is each garage installation. Maybe you have ceilings that are 10 feet up, and your door is eight feet high. When you do the math, the tracks need to be two feet longer than would be required with a standard set of garage door hardware items.

  2. The torsion spring on the garage door:

    It might seem like the opener for your garage door does the lifting, but that isn’t true. Instead, it’s the torsion spring. All of the pressure needs to be balanced properly to ensure the garage door is safe and operates the way you expect.

  3. The opener for the garage door:

    A house with a Flush design garage door in Black.

    With all this work, you don’t need to leave tracks overhead. It can also be frustrating to have a rail in the space. With the design you see above, the rail cannot be installed into the window, and you get a gorgeous modern look with a black double door. (Flush Design).

When it comes down to it, a wall-mounted opener is vital.

A top option is the LiftMaster 8500W. It’s not as loud as a system with a chain drive, and it automatically locks to give you security. Plus, it offers extra horsepower for this kind of lift and a vertical door. It also lets you use the MyQ app for operation anywhere on the planet.

Have Cathedral Ceilings? Time for Inclined Tracks for the Garage Door

A classic kid's drawing of a house

All tiny tots enjoy drawing houses. Have you ever paid attention to the roofs they draw? When you have a garage door on the other side, inclined tracks for your garage door are the best option.

This is an Eastman E-12 design garage door, here shown with Claystone color for the door and Ice White color real overlays.

Images give you insight into what to expect. If you need a door that follows the roof slope, inclined tracks are the answer. In this case, the Eastman E-12 Design does the job. It’s down in Claystone with Ice White real overlays for a gorgeous garage and home.

A technical drawing of the Inclined Garage Door Tracks

So what makes high lift and inclined track hardware different?

  • The inclined track moves along the roof’s incline, so the door sits right up against your ceiling. With high lift hardware, the door stops before the top, and there will be a gap before the incline of the roof.
  • No matter which hardware is bought, the torsion spring needs to be strong and balanced perfectly. Stress is felt on the parts in either hardware situation.
  • If there’s a significant incline on the roof, a wall-mounted garage door opener like the LiftMaster 8500 is needed.

These Carriage House single garage doors are in the Eastman E-11 design, with Moka Brown colored doors, and Desert Sand colored overlays, with 4 vertical-lite Panoramic windows and decorative hardware.

Elegant, traditional, and beautiful, these are carriage house garage doors in a single form from the Townships Collection. Each comes in the Eastman E-11 design, including four vertical-lite panoramic windows, Moka Brown doors, and centered overlays in Desert Sand.

So who will inclined tracks work best for?

  • Someone who has cathedral ceilings.
  • Individuals with vaulted ceilings.
  • Someone who has a garage door on the same side as the slope of the roof of the garage.

Need to Save Space? Consider Rear or Front Low Headroom Options

If the following applies, rear and front low headroom hardware might be the lift perfect for your garage door:

  • The ceiling in the garage is lower than usual.
  • You need a replacement for vintage swing doors on a shed or a detached garage. During the 70s, these garage doors were made of one part and needed just two inches for headroom.
  • Learn more about this version when you read this FAQ.

A picture of an elegant She-Shed with a California full-view garage door in 12x7 size, with Black aluminum frame and Clear glass

The California full-view garage door on this small shed for hobbies is the perfect place for standard lift hardware. The tracks for the garage are hidden to build a space for hobbies like gardening and fitness. The shed is comfortable, warm, and elegant.

A technical drawing of a Low Front Headroom

When is rear or front low headroom hardware for garage doors the choice you have to make?

  • The front low headroom version is required if you only have seven to 10 inches of headroom beyond the garage door.
  • But, if there are five to seven inches of headroom available, rear low headroom lifts are the answer.
  • What makes these hardware options unique from typical hardware is that the rollers and double tracks only move the top area of the door. This works because of the limited amount of headroom to move from a vertical to a horizontal space. The door opener you choose will quickly move the top of the door, and the bottom will follow it up the track.
  • Keep in mind, although the ceiling is low, you need the door opener mounted there. Wall-mounted versions won’t fully open the door. If you choose a wall model, remember that up to eight inches of the door will never move all the way up. When choosing a suitable opener, consider the new LiftMaster 87504-267 garage door opener, which is an update to the beloved LiftMaster 8550.
  • These lifts might not be perfect, but they’re the best option you have in some situations.

The Most Traditional Lift: Standard Hardware for Garage Doors

If you enjoy the long-lasting chicness of Traditional Style, these single garage doors in the Classic MIX design will make your eyes smile.

Check out this unique choice! The left garage door needs tracks that are inclined, but the right tracks work with a standard lift. While we’re at it, did you know that modern designers are now getting into garage doors with an arch? People who love traditional style amplified will enjoy single garage doors like those in Classic MIX Design for a view the neighbors will notice.

Okay, why should you consider standard lifts for your garage door?

  • It works well for any garage door with more than 10 inches of headroom.
  • Either extension springs or torsion springs can be installed. However, the Specialists tend to say you should go with Torsion Springs.
  • This hardware is excellent for ceiling-mounted electric door openers, such as the shiny and new LiftMaster 87504-267, which takes the LiftMaster 8550 to new heights.

Other Considerations When Selecting a Garage Door or Building a Garage

This garage door is a North Hatley SP design, here shown in Ice White to match the windows and entry door color, with Richmond Arch window Inserts and decorative hardware.

Prefer a vintage look? Get a swing door image when choosing the North Hatley SP garage door design. This one has Ice White colors to complement the door and window colors and Richmond Arch window Inserts and decorative hardware.

Do you need insulation or is it an unneeded expense?

When it comes to huge expenses, we often want to find ways to bring the costs down. Going with a garage door without insulation is one of those situations for many people.

Make sure you know what you’re doing if you make this decision!

According to House Beautiful, cooling and heating are the most significant contributor to your home’s energy consumption. In fact, it can be up to half of all the energy used in a home. Knowing that, it’s essential to keep cooled or heated air inside. Insulation is an integral part of that. You lose energy through inadequately sealed windows, doors, and garage doors.

Maybe you don’t heat the garage – but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t protect it from extreme weather and temperatures. Plus, it makes it less costly to keep the areas of your home heated that do need to be warm and comfy.

According to Green Builder Media, spray foams, such as those made from polyurethane provide a large R-value per inch. It gives you tons of insulation to prevent air leaks in small areas. When you pick GARAGA Standard+, with an R-value of 16, you can cut down your utility bills for decades and make sure the garage feels comfortable when you spend time there.

Visual Appeal Also Matters With Garage Doors

When you choose a quality garage door, it can last for two and a half decades. It also happens to have the best resale value of any home improvement project you can make. That’s why you should consider all the following when selecting the door for your home:

  • Get one with windows to maximize the natural light!
  • Consider exciting colors and vibrant designs that you like.
  • Remember that a double garage door costs about the same as two single doors. Read more on this but always choose a model that looks great to you.

This is a Shaker-Flat XL garage door design, with Stockton window inserts. The rich Chocolate Walnut color adds a deep layer much needed to enhance all the light colors of this garage.

For something unexpected and gorgeous, wood and brick work well together and won’t be soon forgotten. It doesn’t even look like the garage is detached. This version is a Shaker-Flat XL garage door design and includes Stockton window inserts. With all the light colors, the Chocolate Walnut adds some visual appeal and added deepness.

Bring in the Professionals for the Best Results with Any Home Project.

Are you transforming your carport into a garage? Maybe you’re ready to build your detached garage or a new attached garage. In all those situations, Door Systems Metro Boston can help you get through the process quickly and easily. We are dedicated to providing the most enormous numbers of unique garage doors and hardware, so every project is possible. Whether you want to make a small shed more modern or find ways to work around a ventilation pipe in your garage, we can help. Get with us about your needs, and we’ll offer solutions.

Get in touch at 508-875-3508.

Most people who own homes only buy one to two garage doors in their life. There’s no reason you have to do it all alone! Overhead doors and garage door openers are what we know best. We can take you from the process of selecting the right project specs to deciding the style of door that best fits your home.

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