Extreme Garage Doors for Extreme Weather Protection!

July 2012

Nowadays garage doors manufacturers are well aware of that and build products that resist extreme wind loads to better protect homes and everything we find inside them.

High winds from hurricanes, tornados and severe storms can reduce homes to splinters. Of course, we all hope beyond hope that it will never happen to our homes.

According to researchers studying the wind effects of devastating storms, garage doors are often the entry point for damage because it is typically the largest opening on a house. For instance, a flimsy door could blow in when exposed to pounding, heavy winds. Of course this can lead to a catastrophic chain of events.

Researchers discovered that garage doors are common weak points. Any high wind event seeks out the weakest link it can find in a structure. When the garage door gives way, the wind then pressurizes the garage. The roof then often comes off, and the failure of the garage can [spread] into the home itself. In such events, the house tends to “unzip” from the initial failure point.

Here at Door Systems Metro Boston, we have promptly responded by conceiving heavily reinforced garage doors that often include extra horizontal struts, vertical posts, long-stem rollers, double hinges, extra track brackets, stronger track and stronger fasteners.

Stronger garage doors mean homes are better equipped to stand up against powerful winds.

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