Garage Door and Security: Don’t Encourage Intruders!

April 2012

Your garage door can become the best way to get into your home without any hassles. Did you know that?

If your garage is integral to your house, then you should consider protecting the access to your home. Yes, fine, but how? Have a look to your garage door. Is it old? Is the construction of the panel flimsy? It is? That means it will peel back... An experienced housebreaker will find the problem and easily takes benefit from it. Furthermore, older type garage doors have fragile latching catches. These can be flipped from the outside and the next thing you know... someone is in your home taking your valuables.

These disagreements can be avoided. The purchase of a brand‑new garage door remains the ultimate (and only) solution. Which one would you chose? What are the best features? What are the best options for garage door security? How can you achieve a secure garage door?

You can find many types of garage doors on the market:

  • up and over door;
  • sectional garage door;
  • roller shutter garage door;
  • etc.

Each model has its own security features. For instance, the sectional door provides the most security, mainly because in closed position there are no gaps to aid forced entry. The panels have rollers and brackets fitted in all four corners.

The roller shutter garage door also offers a good degree of security, thanks to its very secure locking device that is resistant to prising. For total peace of mind make sure you select an electric garage door operator with extra locking facilities over and above the most basic system which only holds the door panel at one point sat the top of the door.

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