Ideas For a New Garage Door

January 2012

Getting a new garage door: It’s easy to say but difficult to do! Where to begin? Here are two distinct projects that can inspire you.

You can remove and dispose of existing garage door and tracks and install new 4 section garage door on new galvanized tracks. After, you can reuse the existing motorized opener. You can chose a uninsulated new door with single layer embossed steel which add a distinct contemporary touch, two coats of baked‑on paint and galvanized steel hinges. And don’t forget the nylon rollers. They are quieter than metal rollers and don’t need to be lubricated! Add to this door a 10‑year limited warranty and you got a wonderful garage door system.

You could also chose a new door with a tensile strength steel with two coats of factory‑applied paint and foam insulated to minimum R‑12 with thermal seals between pinch‑resistant panels. First you got to remove and dispose of your existing garage door and tracks. Then install a new 4‑section garage door on new heavy‑duty galvanized steel tracks. If you wish, you can reuse the existing motorized opener.

The windows in top panel of your new garage door are 1⁄2‑inch insulated glass. Also known as double glazing, insulated glass constitutes of double or triple glass window panes separated by an air or other gas filled space in order to reduce heat transfer across a part of the building envelope. Hardware in your new door includes galvanized steel hinges and ball‑bearing urethane rollers. These are quiet and don’t need lubrication. Designed for durability, they are quiet and provide no vibrations.

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